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Common Arabic Phrases #10

This is the last post on Common Arabic Phrases series. We started this series to expose you to the idea of how to approach speaking Arabic at the fastest rate possible. The idea is to use the chunking approach, which is basically an imitation of the natives. Learning these common phrases can enable you to speak the language within no time. Speaking the language will give you the confidence required to carry on your Arabic learning journey.

In this post, we have introduced few more Arabic phrases. Some of them have been repeated to re-enforce the sentences that we have already learnt. We have also shown the correct usage of some negative terms like لَيْسَ (Laysa) and لَا (Laa).

Common Arabic Phrases #10

Here are your new phrases!

Common Arabic Pharses #10
Common Arabic Pharses #10

How to carry-on speaking Arabic?

From the last ten posts that we have been sharing with you, you should have about 50 sentences now (5 sentences from each post). This is enough to get you to speak Arabic! If you haven’t got there yet, that means you just haven’t been practicing. Make sure you practice. That’s the most important advice I can give you.

Now, that you have got an idea of how to start speaking a language through the chunking-approach, speaking any new language should be relatively easy. All you need to do is write down 5 sentences (in English or your native language) that you want to say or understand and get someone who can speak the target language (ideally, someone who knows the language well) to translate them. This is how you build on your conversation skills. Everyday when you add 5 new sentences, you could be speaking a language pretty fast! This is the technique that can be applied to speaking any new language.

Note: I didn’t say “learning the language,” instead I said, “speaking the langauge.” Obviously here, we are just learning to speak the language. The next step is to find a good teacher who can help you explain the language structure (grammar rules, etc.) to take you further. Nothing can beat the benefit of finding a good teacher.

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