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Common Arabic Phrases #3

This is the third post in the series of Common Arabic Phrases. Hope you all have been memorizing and using these basic phrases, which are here to get you started on your Arabic journey. Remember, unless you start using them in your daily lives, there’s no way you can practice the language. Using the language gives you better chances of continuing your journey in Arabic learning. When you speak a few phrases it’s as if you already know the language! (wink)

If you’ve missed out on the previous post, make sure you go through them as well. Consistency is the key to success!

In this post, I have introduced 5 new sentences and also shown how to make some basic masculine plurals. It’s way too simple! In Arabic language, everything is either masculine or feminine; unlike English, there’s no word for “it” in the Arabic language.

common arabic phrases 3

PS: I recommend you go through these sentences every day and use them with friends and family. Find yourself a language-buddy! You may also put them in Tinycards.

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