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Common Arabic Phrases #6

In this post of learning Arabic phrases, out of the 6, we have introduced 5 new sentences and 1 of them has appeared before. I may repeat a few sentences so that you can recognise and get familiar with them. I have also introduced feminine words, and how you can form feminine words in Arabic.

Feminine Words in Arabic

Every word in Arabic is either masculine or feminine, there is no word for “it.” Also, you can change most masculine words to feminine. The most common way to tell a masculine word from a feminine word is the Taa Mar-boo-tah (ة), which is sometimes referred to as the Feminine-Taa. If a word ends with a (ة) then it is most likely feminine. To make a masculine word feminine usually a (ة) is added to the end of the word.

Learn Arabic Phrases

This is the 6th post on learning Arabic phrases. If you haven’t read our earlier posts on common phrases, click here.

Common Arabic Phrases #6
Common Arabic Phrases #6

Consistency is the key to success in langauge learning. Make sure you stay motivated. Create the environment for yourself that will support this goal. To overcome any challenges faced in your journey of learning Arabic, read our post on Top 10 excuses to not learning Arabic and how to overcome them.

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