Learn Arabic in an easy and fun way

I guess everyone has heard about Duolingo, which is the world’s most famous language learning App. You can learn over 20+ languages through Duolingo in an easy and fun way. Unfortunately, they don’t have the option to learn Arabic! It was a big shock to me when I found that out, and I was deeply disappointed.

However, after a long wait someone has finally come up with an App similar to Duolingo which is exclusively for Arabic language. It’s called Araby. As of now, it’s only available on iPhone (Apple Store). I don’t know if they will be launching an Android version of it anytime soon. It used to be a paid App when I first used it, but the good news is they’ve made it free now! (May Allah reward them)

The App is designed to learn Arabic in an easy and fun way by using it only a couple of minutes every day.

Some of the key features of the App are:

  1. Game-based learning course: an easy start for beginners
  2. Custom designed lessons created by in-house Arabic language experts
  3. Learning while testing (provides review and consolidation)
  4. Native pronunciation at standard or slower speed
  5. Keep new vocabulary and sentence patterns in your long-term memory
  6. Effective and efficient for learners on the go

Content is organized into various skills which are practical and keep learning motivation active. Every item can be mastered in a short time. And you are able to track your progress by reviewing the words and taking tests.

Currently, it has 13 modules to study from (Basics 1, 2, 3, 4, Color, Number, Food, Shape, Nature, Tense, Negation, Question and Time) along with 3 test modules between them to check your understanding. According to the developer, more modules will be added to the App.

Please note: I have no association with the developers of Araby. The opinion expressed here is strictly mine based on my experience with the App. The intention of sharing this information is to help others learn Arabic.

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