One trait that makes children learn faster than adults

Have you ever wished you could learn like a child? Was it easier learning a new language when you were younger? There’s one main trait that makes children learn faster than adults.


Children are naturally curious to know what’s going on around them. They are eager to learn everything. They have the passion and enthusiasm to explore new things; and they have no fear of making mistakes. In short, they’re a ball of curiosity!

As we grow up, we lose our curiosity. Have you wondered why after decades of living in an Arabic-speaking environment most people still don’t speak the language? It is because of the lack of curiosity to know. As adults we simply don’t pay attention to foreign languages or we don’t really care about what others are saying. We are only interested in expressing our own thoughts and feelings. We refuse to listen! We are not curious enough to know what’s happening around us. We are looking for an easier option: “Do you speak English?”, “Let me open my Google Translate” and so on.

Contrary to this mindset, children take a more challenging approach that helps them learn the langauge effectively. They don’t open Google Translate or a Dictionary. They don’t have any other language that they can rely on. Hence, they’re curious about everything. They’re constantly learning your body language, facial expressions, observing your lip movements, etc. so that they can make sense of the sounds that come out of you and link it to the followed action. They’re curious even if you just said “Hi.”


Let’s be curious like a child while learning Arabic and use all our senses. Pay attention to every detail. Listen to understand. At the same time, let’s enjoy the journey. Children never learn their first language through lectures or by sitting in a classroom. They are simply curious to learn and understand.

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