Reasons to carry on

Are you facing a time in your journey where you almost want to give up? Do you feel like you can’t do it anymore? What if Arabic was just not your thing? Not to worry, we’ve all been there. Looking at the following two scenairos might give us the reasons to carry on.

1. What will we achieve if we carry on?

The very first reason to start our journey of learning Arabic was to please Allah (SWT) alone. We embarked on this journey not to show off to people that we can say a few words in Arabic while we debate an issue, or to recite the Quran in front of others for entertainment. Rather, it was to understand the words of Allah (SWT) so we can benefit ourselves first.

One of the things that will help us carry on, when we are stuck, is to remind ourselves why we started in the first place. It’s easy to start something with a lot of enthusiasm and burn out after a few weeks or months. Learning Arabic is not a crash-course. You can’t learn it in 1-3 months (You barely scratch the surface!). It can take years to master a language. It’s important that we realise this and maintain consistency in our learning. It’s not about how much you do, it’s about how well you do.

If we did carry on and succeed in this journey, it would mean that we’d be able to understand every single word we utter in Salah, we would understand what the Imam recites during Taraweeh, we would understand the conversation we are having with our Creator when we supplicate. All this would be a huge reward for the efforts that you put in, for the patience that you showed in carrying on your journey. Don’t expect all this to be served on a platter without any effort from your end. Even the Arabs have to study a great deal of Arabic grammar if they have to understand the Quran properly. We are not alone.

2. What will happen if we don’t carry on?

On the other hand, if we do give up, we may never go back to learning Arabic again. Of the most common excuses we might give ourselves are: it’s just too difficult or I’m just not good at learning Arabic. Well, no excuse is a good excuse. If we get stuck, we don’t change the goal, we change the way. We don’t give up on our goal, rather we come up with a new stratergy.

A good teacher should not only motivate you to start learning Arabic, but also inspire you to stay consistent in your journey. Giving up is not an option. How can you live your whole live without understanding what you’re saying in Salah? Or without understanding the Quran? (it’s only about 600 pages!) Yet, we spend decades in secular education to get a “good job” or to follow our “passion”. It only makes sense to strive harder in understanding the words of our Creator. We owe it to Him.


The most important thing to remember while learning Arabic is that we are doing it for the sake of Allah. One has to constantly keep checking his/her intention of learning the Arabic language. We should seek Allah’s help in making this journey easy. There is no ease, except what Allah makes easy. Always remind yourself of why you started, so that you can carry on. As with any other goal in life, learning Arabic requires patience and consistency. Don’t be too rigid: if you feel something is not working for you, figure out why and change it.

May Allah grant us all tawfeeq to be successful in our journey of learning Arabic and grant us the correct understanding of His Deen. Ameen.

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