Conversation with the Lord of the Worlds!

Imagine you had the opportunity to talk to your favorite celebrity or the President or the CEO of the biggest company in the world - how would you react? What is the protocol you would follow while talking to such a personality? Imagine someone briefs you on the protocol before the meeting - that you have to wear a certain dress-code, shake hands in a certain way, you're not allowed to ask certain personal questions, etc. If you refuse to follow this protocol, the meeting will be cancelled (invalid). These are the terms and conditions. How far would you go to make sure you comply?

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Common Arabic Phrases #1

Language learning is all about practice. Unless you practice and live the language, there's no way you can use the language effectively. Speaking the language gives you the confidence to use the language. Once you pass this stage, you can focus a bit more on grammar. No matter how many years you study grammar, you cannot say confidently that you know any language unless you speak the language. So let's boost some of that confidence, shall we?


Towards the first step – with Ustaad Ben Saud (Part 1)

Ustaad Benjamin Saud is one of the best Arabic teachers I know of. His understanding of the language and his ability to teach it in a very unique way is what I find truly fascinating. Originally, from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, Ustaad Ben moved to Al-Madinah about 10 years ago and is a former student of Islamic University of Madinah. He graduated from the Faculty of Da’wah & Fundamentals of the Religion – specialising in Aqeedah (belief/creed).