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Vocab Series: Family

Welcome to the Vocab Series!

In this post of the Vocab Series, we will learn the Arabic vocabulary for family members. Vocab Series is a series of vocabulary presented visually under a common theme. This approach helps us improve our vocabulary through context-mapping and visualisation.

Arabic Vocabulary for Family

We have presented basic Arabic words for family members which can be used right away. My challenge to all those who are learning Arabic is to only use the Arabic words, once you have learnt them; even if it is the only Arabic word in the sentence. Gradually, the number of words will increase with time and soon you’ll be speaking whole sentences and conversing fully in Arabic, In Sha Allah. Stay consistent. Stay motivated.

Note that, in Arabic, paternal and maternal family members are known by different names unlike uncle and aunt in English.

Vocab Series: Family
Vocab Series: Family

Mastering Arabic

As Muslims, our goal should be to master the Arabic language as it plays such a crucial role in our lives. Many of our problems can be easily eliminated by just learning the Arabic language, which is the key to understanding the Quran and Sunnah. Hence, just getting familiar with the language or knowing few phrases is not an option. One has to make the intention to master the language and pursue it. Here, by mastering the language, I don’t mean just getting a certificate or degree in the Arabic language. Instead, focusing on learning the language thoroughly without any gaps in our understanding.

Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (RA) said: “The Arabic language is from the Religion, and the knowledge of it is an obligation. For surely the understanding of the Quran and Sunnah is an obligation, and these two are not understood except with the understanding of the Arabic language; and whatever obligation is not fulfilled except by certain steps, then those steps themselves become obligatory (to fulfil the initial obligation).” [The Necessity of the Straight Path by Ibn Taymiyyah]

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