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Vocab Series: Visit to the market

Vocabulary building is an important part of language learning and can take the most time to develop, unless you have an extraordinary memory. However, there are many other ways to develop your vocabulary. Reading is one of them. Reading helps you remember words through context, contrary to merely memorising them. Another effective way to remember new words is to use them in the real world. The more often you hear and live those new words, the stronger it gets wired into your brain.

Understanding how our memory works

Our brain follows 3 simple steps to record memories: encoding, consolidation and retrival. Encoding (short-term memory) is where you consciously record something to your memory. Consolidation (transferring information from short-term to long-term memory) is the time given to glue those memorises together and stabilise it. Retrival is where you actually remember the thing stored in your memory. The more you remember something, the stronger your neural path to that memory.

Learning vocabulary doesn’t require exceptional memory power. Just make sure you revise what you learn on a regular basis until it comes naturally. All it requires is a bit of brain-exercise and a lot of determination.

Arabic Vocabulary Series

Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. Without knowing the vocabulary, you can’t speak the language, nor understand. Take at least 5-10 minutes of your time on a daily basis to learn and revise vocabulary.

In our Vocab series, we are going to introduce new Arabic vocabulary under different themes on a regular basis. A group of words will be presented under a common theme so that you can connect and recall them through context-mapping. Here goes. Enjoy!

Visit to the market
Visit to the market

Make sure you bookmark this page or save these images on your phone or desktop. Go through them regularly and use them whenever possible. You can also use Tinycards to make your own digital flash cards. Practise! Practise! and more practise!

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