Why I love Tinycards?

Flash cards are one of the best ways to remember new words and phrases. But what’s the best way to use flash cards? How do you make them effective? Before we get into how to use flash cards, let me begin with a little bit of introduction on Spaced repetition method.

Spaced repetition method is based on spacing effect, which is the phenomenon whereby learning (or retention) is greater when studying is spread out over a period of time, as opposed to studying the same amount of content in a single session. Basically, the idea is each time you forget and retrieve information, you remember it better. In other words, you learn better by forgetting! (SubhanAllah)

To learn more about Spaced repetition method watch the video below by Thomas Frank, who explains it very well. He also talks about how to use flash cards effectively.

One of the apps I use to remember Arabic words and phrases is Tinycards. It’s very simple and effective. You can easily create your own set of flash cards and keep going through them on your mobile phone. Every day add 5 sentences that are relevant to you and you’ll be speaking Arabic in no time!

The idea behind Tinycards is that you can memorize anything while playing a game! Tinycards is a brand new app from the team behind Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world.

Some of the features of Tinycards are:

1. Tinycards. Big fun.
Have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.

2. Memorize anything quickly.
Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material.

3. Choose from thousands of topics or make your own decks.
Learn almost anything with delightful, animated decks. Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’ll find country capitals, vocabulary in different languages, history, constellations, hat styles, you name it!

Having the option of designing your own flash cards and sharing it is an excellent feature of this app.

4. Simple and free.
Easy to use, 100% free.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse at Tinycards and how it works.

Please note: I have no association with the developers of Tinycards. The opinion expressed here is strictly mine based on my experience with the App. The intention of sharing this information is to help others learn Arabic.

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